A Spectacular CIVIL WAR Period ENGLISH CASED LONDON COLT Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver

$ 15,500.00


A Spectacular Antique Civil War Period ENGLISH CASED LONDON COLT Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver circa, #8500, all matching (1855) in near new condition with deluxe box !  This pistol was used but not abused.  4", .31 cal. octagon steel barrel, blue and case hardened finish with barrel address "ADDRESS. COL: COLT / LONDON" on the top flat with 95%+ original blue finish with sharp English PROOF marks.  The bore is wonderful and sharp.  The 5-shot cylinder has English PROOFS and the inspector initial "C" in one of the cylinder stop depressions and the scene is 99% intact with some light to moderate pinprick pitting around the cylinder's percussion nipples from firing.  Iron trigger guard and back-strap with approx. 65%+ original uncleaned light brown finish remaining.  Frame marked; "COLTS PATENT" and retains 90%+ original case hardening colors.  The hammer exhibits light to moderate pitting from firing and retains generous amounts of original finish.  The loading lever is stamped with matching serial number "8500" and retains 90% of the original light brown finish.  Slim Jim style grips retain approx. 99%+ original varnish with minimal dings from years of handling and the name "Thor" scratched into the bottom of the left grip.  Some of the screw heads are slightly marred and retain traces of original fire blue finish.  The pistol is in good mechanical working order, tight action, crisp overall.   One of the best condition COLT London model 1849 pocket revolvers I have had the pleasure to examine !!!

NOTE - The front sight was altered during the period of use from a blade front sight to a tapering pin sight.

THE BOX - The original English DELUXE COLT Box with Gilt Brass Corners and original red velvet lined interior; original "Loading & Cleaning" trade label (some tears); box measures: 11.25" wide X 5.75" deep X 2.25" high.  Original accessories include: Brass COLT'S PATENT (31 PK) BULLET MOLD, "L" SHAPED NIPPLE WRENCH, LARGE ELEY BROTHERS "LONDON" CAP TIN FULL OF CAPS, (3) pre-loaded paper cartridge rounds, and near mint POWDER FLASK.  The box comes with (2) working keys.