1864, Bounty Receipt, Town of Pembroke County

$ 295.00

“Bounty” Receipt, Town of Pembroke County. September 24, 1864, “Bounty” Receipt, Town of Pembroke County, Choice Extremely Fine.. 4.5” x 5”, double-sided fine-laid paper receipt, with canceled 2¢ blue U.S. Internal Revenue stamp. Written in clean brown ink by “G.R. Hawkins” to “John W. Brown” and “Ray H. Garrett,” stating that: “My County Bounty, four hundred dollars ... are due as a Volunteer for the Town of Pembroke County of Genesee.” Verso has a notation from “Peter C. Garrett” that “John W. Brown, Chairman of Genesee County Bounty Committee” gave $400 “as called for in the within order.” A smaller notation lists “Gideon R. Hawkins” as having received the $400. Lightly toned paper with one horizontal crease, rough right edge..