1856, Speech Pahmplet: Admission of Kansas

$ 195.00

The Kansas Controversy Continues. 1856, Speech Pahmplet: “Admission of Kansas” by Hon. G. A. Grow of Pennsylvania, Buell & Blanchard, Printers, Washington, D.C., Very Fine.. 9” x 5.75”. This 8-page speech pamphlet was delivered in the House of Representatives on June 30, 1856 by Galusha Aaron Grow. He states: “The repeal [of the Missouri Compromise] was for the purpose of making Kansas a slave State. It was a conspiracy from the start; and it has been carried out with violence and brute force. Without the repeal, Slavery could never have gone there.” In the last paragraph he sums it up quite well. “If you would calm the spirits that you have frenzied, heal the wuonds you have inflicted upon the county, and restore peace and harmony to the Republic, admit Kansas as a State with her free Constitution.” This document is in very fine condition with a light overall tone and some ink crossover. A brilliant speech with a very well though out argument!.