An Interesting and Wonderful Antique 2-Pounder Bronze Cannon

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An Interesting and Wonderful Antique 2-Pounder Bronze Cannon, circa. 18th Century.  35" bronze tube with a 2" bore.  The trunnions measure 2" in diameter and 9.25" wide.  Most likely made in Europe based on the form or Persian/Asian/Oriental manufactured based on a European design.  The vent or touch-hole is surrounded by a rather unique raised platform resembling a Persian entrance or door way.  Very pleasing age patina.  There are what we believe are Chinese or Japanese characters engraved on both ends of the trunnions and just under the left trunnion.  A fantastic example of a ship or garrison cannon from the golden age of Piracy !!!

NOTE:  It is our opinion:  This cannon may have been made in Europe for Persia or one of the Asian or Oriental countries.  Or, the cannon was made in Persia or the Orient or Asia based on European designs.  Or, the cannon was captured by the Chinese or Japanese and the markings added.  If only it could tell us !!!

We are researching the markings.  We are not experts in Chinese or Japanese writing.  Some characters look very similar.  The standard Japanese orthography, for example, has thousands of different Han characters that were borrowed from China centuries ago. Also, many of the words in both writings are written similarly which adds to the conclusion that even the languages are alike but with different meanings. This would be like concluding that the English, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Yoruba languages are the same since they share the same Latin script...

So far, the markings may translate to the weight of the cannon: "106 Kun" "12 Momme".  Momme is usually the Chinese measure of the weight of silk.  Momme is also the Japanese unit of weight equal to 3.75 grams.  Some cannons are unmarked and others may only have minimal markings.  The best cannons are encountered with foundry marks indicating maker, country of origin, date, inventory number, weight, and length markings.  Cannons with all of these marking are rare but not unheard of.

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THE WOOD CARRIAGE:  We had this original wood carriage in storage just waiting for the right cannon.  It looks great and perfect for display.  (We will sell the cannon with or without the carriage). 


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