A Very Rare 17th Century British Flintlock Wall or Ships Swivel Gun by N. HAYDOCK

$ 7,750.00

A Very Rare Antique 17th Century British Flintlock Wall or Ships Swivel Gun by N. HAYDOCK, circa. 1670-1690.  36.25", 1" smooth-bore multi-stage steel barrel with built in trunnions to accommodate the original steel post & yoke swivel mount.  The gun is in its original flintlock configuration.  All steel parts have salt & pepper rust pitting from years of exposure to the elements underneath a dark age patina (some areas worse than others).  All steel furniture.  The early form banana shaped convex lock has simple boarder line engraving and is maker signed "N. HAYDOCK".  The stock is solid with simple raised boarders around the barrel tang, lock, side nail area and the length of the ramrod channel.  A very old repair was performed during its working life to the bottom 3" portion of the butt (most likely damaged in conflict or from wood rot over the years).  The remainder of the stock is solid with scattered stress cracks, scratches and dings from years of service and handling.  The gun measure 50.5" overall.  Wood ramrod with steel tip.  The gun comes with a modern block of wood for display (perfectly balanced !).  This gun is a true survivor where very few examples of this age and type survive in or out of a museum.   A wonderful example that exudes antiquity and is in good mechanical working order.  Who knows what historical events this gun has witnessed and participated in ?

Note; This guns design was for placement on a castle wall fortification or for mounting on many locations of a ship.

Notes on the maker; "N. HAYDOCK".  We are researching...