An Ancient Greek Silver Alexander III The Great Tetradrachm set in 14K. Gold as a pendant

$ 2,250.00

A Beautiful Ancient Greek Silver coin set in 14k. Gold as a pendant.  Nicely struck planchet with near perfect centering.  Head of Herakles wearing a lion's skin head and the reverse depicting Zeus seated on a throne hold the scepter and falcon.

Head of Herakles right, clad in Nemean Lion-skin headdress / Zeus enthroned, holding eagle & scepter, AΛEΞANΔΡOY behind.

Denomination - Silver Tetradrachm
Mint - Greece
Reign - Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander The Great
Date - nv., c. 336-323 B.C.
Grade - XF

Coin Weight - 16.8 grams

Gold Weight - 5.0 grams of 14K gold

Total Weight - 21.8 grams

NOTE; Coin has been professionally set in a 14K Gold.