Ancient Greek Silver Drachm from Istros in Thrace 400 -350 BC, Professional Set in 14K Gold, #2541 Ancient Coin Jewelry

$ 1,850.00

An Antique Ancient Greek Silver Drachm from Black Sea Area, Istros in Thrace, circa. 400 - 350 BCE. Coin has been professionally set in a 14K Gold bezel as a pendent. A fine example.

OBVERSE: What makes this variety of ancient Greek coin rather unique is the double head. ISTROS solved the problem of having to turn a coin around to look at it. On a silver drachm issued in the forth century, this Black Sea settlement placed two heads side by side in opposite directions. Speculation about the meaning of this motif/design ranges from the Dioscouri to a personification of the Danuabe.

REVERSE: A Sea-Eagle on a Dolphin left.

Gold Weight; 5.7 grs. (TYV)


Istros, Ancient Greece, silver stater, 400-350 BC, head and inverted head on obverse, sea eagle on reverse, mounted in 14K gold.