US/C.S Artillery Limber Chest (Caisson), Confederate, #821 Cannons

$ 5,500.00

A good U.S. /C.S. Artillery Limber Chest (Caison) circa. 1810-1860. The slightly curved lid was used as a seat as well as a top to a munitions chest and is is covered with a sheet of copper. The copper covered lid measures; 44.25" wide X 22.25" deep. Two wrought iron handles are mounted on each end. The chest/box measures; 41.5" wide X 17" high X 20" deep and has heavy iron fittings and re-enforcing corners. The interior has provisions for separation slats. The construction is of the standard Artillery Limber Chest (Caisson) of the Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800's. This example is unmarked and could have been used by the Union or the Confederate Army's or both ? An excellent survivor in very nice condition.

Note; from the Kennith Main Collection...