Restored English Match-Lock Conversion to Flintlock Musket/Wall Gun, #3158 Firearms

$ 5,500.00


A Rare Antique English King Charles Period Match-Lock Musket/Wall Gun also know as a 'Fish Tail Butt', circa. 1640-1660, later converted to Flintlock with a King James II Military 'Dog-Lock' flintlock mechanism, circa. 1685-1689. 28 5/8", .86 cal. octagon-to-round iron barrel most likely originally 46" and was cut down to the current length; is pitted overall and covered in a dark age patina. Iron furniture. The original Match-lock firing mechanism was removed and replaced with the current King James II Military flintlock marked w/a 'CROWN' over 'JR' (James Rex) and a small stamped 'Rampant Lion' on the tail of lock plate next to the 'Dog' safety. The stock has been modified during the conversion by adding wood to fill in the existing Match-lock mortise and creating a new mortise for the flintlock (the old side nail holes were never filled in and are open, forward hole used to add a post & yoke swivel mount, see photo); heavy dark varnish worn through on edges w/some loses at muzzle, otherwise, solid w/scratches and dings from handling. Original period iron ram rod.

Note; this item has been restored...