Reference Library Collection, Useful Modern Books

$ 495.00

Historical Fifteen Book Reference Library Collection. Reference Library Collection, Fifteen (15) Historical & Highly Useful Modern Books, Extremely Fine to Mint New. . This great Reference Group includes Presidential, First Lady and our Founding Fathers:1. “LINCOLN’S PHOTOGRAPHS A Complete Album”, by Lloyd Ostendorf, 1998, Hardcover, 438 pages, its original dust jacket has some wear and is torn.2. “THE READER’S COMPANION TO THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY”, Essays by 41 Scholars, Edited by Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer, 2000, Hardcover, 566 pages, dust jacket.3. “THE SIGNERS The 56 Stories Behind the Declaration of Independence”, by Dennis Brindell Fradin, 2002, Hardcover, 164 pages, dust jacket.4. “PRESIDENTIAL Inaugurations”, by Paul F. Boller, Jr., 2001, Hardcover, 298 pages, dust jacket has minor wear.5. “AN IMPERFECT GOD George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America”, by Henry Woencek, 2003, Hardcover, 404 pages, dust jacket has wear and paper loss.6. “HAIL TO THE CHIEFS”, by Barbara Holland, 2003, Hardcover, 272 pages, dust jacket.7. “LIVING FAITH”, by Jimmy Carter, 1996, Hardcover, 256 pages, dust jacket.8. “An Hour Before Daylight”, by Jimmy Carter, 2001, Hardcover, 284 pages, dust jacket.9. “With Reagan The Inside Story”, by Edwin Meese III, 1992, Hardcover, 362 pages, dust jacket.10. “The First Ladies of the United States”, by Nicola Gilles, 2002, Hardcover, 64 pages, no dust jacket.11. “Founding Mothers The Women Who Raised Our Nation”, by Cokie Roberts, 2004, Paperback, 359 pages.12. “SECRET LIVES of the U.S. PRESIDENTS”, by Cormac O’Brien, 2004, Paperback, 279 pages.13. “SECRET LIVES of the FIRST LADIES”, by Cormac O’Brien, 2005, Paperback, 295 pages.14. Reference Book “The SANDERS Price Guide to Autographs”, 2003 6th Edition, Paperback, 736 pages.15. 3-Ring Binder “YOUNG AMERICA’S FOUNDATION The Reagan Ranch”, This is the information binder given to guests at the Center near the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA.An instant start to a great refence collection, sold as a collection only, “as is,” that is a “must have” of useful insight and important information for any serious American collector. Estimated at about half, to about their total original cost. (15 books)..