Rare 1856 Presidential Campaign Imprint

$ 265.00

Rare 1856 Presidential Campaign Imprint “AN APPEAL FOR THE UNION... from the Hon. Robert J. Walker” . 1856-Dated, First edition, Presidential Campaign Imprint entitled, ““AN APPEAL FOR THE UNION - A printed Letter from the Hon. Robert J. Walker.,” New York, John F. Trow, Printer, Choice Extremely Fine.. This historic imprint measures 8.25” x 5.5” has 15 pages, disbound and in overall choice well printed quality. Robert James Walker was a Senator from the State of Mississippi, later Secretary of the Treasury under President Polk and would be appointed the fourth Territorial Governor of Kansas in 1857 by President Buchanan but only held the position for a few months before resigning. He supports Buchanan in this letter against the radical anti-union Republicans. Quote from the first page and in part:"We are approaching the close of a momentous struggle. On the one side is arrayed the Democratic Party. It exists in every state, and over its united columns floats the flag of the Constitution and the Union... The Republican Party does not adopt the restoration of the Missouri Compromise, but distinctly repudiates that measure., and declares there shall be no slave territory, and no more slave states any where or under any circumstances admitted into the Union..."This was just another arrow thrown at the heart of the Union and helped only to bring the south into conflict with the northern states over Slavery. The back cover of this is a full page ad for John F. Trow's Steam Printing Establishmen..