Pen and Ink Folk Art American Heraldic Eagle

$ 995.00

Patriotic Pen and Ink Folk Art American Heraldic Eagle. c. 1860, Original Folk Art Pen and Ink Sketch of an Heraldic Eagle & Shield, Choice Extremely Fine.. Colorful period sketch of a bald eagle crouching on a striped shield, with olive branch under his left claw, and three banners behind his uplifted wings, 7” x 11.5” by sight, framed under glass to an overall size of 9” x 13.5” in burl-wood frame. Nice patriotic depiction, simply sketched by an amateur, unschooled hand, but very detailed; consisting of an assortment of brown, green, and blue inks on light tan paper. Very little foxing along margins, two small tears at top and bottom near the eagle wings and shield, but these are hardly noticeable and do not detract from the overall presentation of this patriotic sketch..