(PAIR) of French Napoleonic War/War of 1812 Period Flintlock Officer's Pistols that were surrendered, #2654

$ 6,500.00

A Wonderful (Pair) of French Napoleonic War/War or 1812 Period Flintlock Officer's Pistols that were surrendered, circa 1780-1810. 7.25" iron swamped octagon barrels w/micro-grooved rifling and platinum touch holes. The Locks are maker signed; 'AUBRON A NANTES', the pans are platinum lined and the tops of both cocks were intentionally broken off when surrendered/captured. All iron furniture. The half stocks are solid w/fine micro-checkering and carving, w/scratches and dings from service. In good working order. 13.5" overall. Original ram rods made of horn one w/iron worm and the other w/cleaning jag.

Please note; It is our opinion that these pistols were surrendered. It was a common practice to break the tops of the cocks off to render the weapon useless when captured or surrendered as well as an insult to the captured Officer. It was also a common practice to return the weapons back to the Officer when and if that time came out of mutual respect between one Officer to another.

When obtained; Both pistols were heavily rusted and have been since professionally cleaned/restored.

Maker; AUBRON A NANTES; Jean, 1771-1818, Paris. Jules, son of Jean, Paris 1805-1850. Worked with famous French gun maker Nicolas Noel BOUTET, Versailles 1761-1833, Pierre-Nicolas BOUTET, Versailles 1789-1816 son of Nicolas Noel BOUTET.