Order To Be Put In Jail To Satisfy $6 Dollar Debt

$ 285.00

Order To Be Put In Jail To Satisfy A Six Dollar Debt. February 8, 1832-Dated. Partially-Printed Document. Official Court Order, at Washington County, Pennsylvania, Choice Very Fine.. This is an original, 1 page, well printed and fully completed document, measuring 7.25" x 4". An interesting document, in which the County Court orders the Constable to attach & sell goods belonging to John Daley, who has a judgment of a bit over 6 dollars against him. If he doesn't have property sufficient to satisfy the judgment, the court orders that he be put into jail! Officially Signed by David Frazier and directed to the Constable, J. Templeton. It reads, in part:"WASHINGTON COUNTY.. THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA. WHEREAS judgment against John Daley for the sum of six dollars and 64 cents debt, together with 65 cents costs, was had before me at the suit of Alexander Frazier on the 10 of Feb. 1827. These are therefore to command you to levy distress on the goods and chattels of the said John Daley, and make sale thereof according to law, to the amount of the said debt and costs, and what may accrue thereon, and make return to me on the 9 day of March, and for want of sufficient distress whereon to levy, you are to convey the body of the said John Daley to the jail of the said county, the jailer whereof is hereby commanded to receive the body of the said John Daley, and him in safe custody keep, until the said debt and costs accrued are paid..."On the back is an itemization of the total amount due for the debt & costs, and a notation by the Constable that he seized wheat & rye belonging to Daley, found in another man's barn. Reads: "Executed by virtue of the within. Wheat and Rye in the Sheaf and 5 Bushels of Clean Rye in Thomas Huttons Barn." A scarce and interesting document when a person could be put in jail for a small debt..