Lyric Sheet for NEW YEARS SONG, 1876

$ 150.00

San Francisco Printed 1876 Lyric Sheet “Uncle Sam’s Centennial”. 1876, Lyric Sheet for “New Year’s Song, 1876”, Published by Bell and Company, San Francisco, CA, Choice Very Fine.. The lyric sheet, 10.75” x 4.5”, is “Published and sold, wholesale and retail, by BELL & COMPANY, General Publishers of Songs and Ballads, Booksellers, Stationers and Periodical Agents, No. 639 Kearny Street, - San Francisco.” The lyrics, “As sung by Ned Barry, at Buckley’s Varieties”, are printed in black down the center of the page with a decorative border surrounding, in part: “Now, Eighteen hundred and seventy six Is Uncle Sam’s Centennial. One hundred years have rolled away. And still he blooms perennial...” Adhesive on reverse where sheet was previously bound; else very fine..