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Hand Hammered Silver British Officer's GORGET, LONDON, DERRY YEOMANRY #2715

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A Wonderful Hand Hammered Silver British Officer's GORGET, 'LONDON - DERRY', 'YEOMANRY', circa. (Researching, 18th Century). There is a crack in the center at the 'D' of Derry. A very Rare example...

Up-dated info; according to a client, this gorget is not actually "London, Derry" Yeomanry, but Londonderry (aka "Derry"), a city in Northern Ireland.

The original name of the area was Doire ("oak" - Eng. Derry), but was "planted" by an English company from London during the Plantation of Ulster in the Stuart period. In 1613, the city was granted a Royal Charter by James I and "London" was added, changing the name of the city to Londonderry. While better known today as Derry, Londonderry is also used and remains the legal name. Sometimes the name was hyphenated.

Thank you FJ Taylor for the additional info...