A Wonderful Cased Set of Musket Bore English Officer's/Dueling Pistols by T. RICHARDS, LONDON

$ 9,500.00

A Wonderful Antique Cased Set of Musket Bore English Flintlock Officer's/dueling pistols, with accessories by; "T. RICHARDS", circa. 1790 most likely made in Birmingham, England.  Heavy 9 1/8", .76 caliber steel octagon smooth-bore barrels marked on the top flats "THEOPs RICHARDS" and mounted with steel captive ram rods and made with GOLD touch hole inserts. Very fine and high quality engraved locks engraved with the makers name "THEOPs RICHARDS", with sliding safety's and roller frizzen springs. The pair are mounted with engraved iron furniture which includes trigger guards with pineapple finials.  The stocks have fine checkered grips, simple oval shaped silver wrist escutcheons (vacant) and are solid with light scratches and dings from years of handling (all original, no sanding, original varnish) and horn fore-end caps.  All steel surfaces have areas of light salt & pepper rust pitting (mostly on the barrels).  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration with no restoration.  A very fine pair of English Officer's/dueling pistols in good mechanical working order.

MAKER: "T. RICHARDS", (Theophilus Richards 1747-1828).

The period dovetail box measures: 20" wide x 9" deep x 3 1/8" high  The box is mounted with a correct Georgian period "Chippendale" carrying handle and (2) brass swing hooks on the front.  Inlaid bone key escutcheon (the key is missing).  The box is lined with correct light green baize.

Accessories include; wood loading/cleaning rod, original bullet mold with lots of original case colors, balls, flints, tow, turn screw, and original 3-way powder flask (spring is broken).

PLEASE NOTE: The pistols are most likely not original to this box but are a wonderful marriage.

Trade Label; John Knubley started his business at 11 Charing Cross in 1786 and he was at No. 7 from 1794 to 1798.  The trade Label reads: "Knubley, GUN MAKER to their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Clarence and PRINCE EDWARD & Sword Cutler to THE ARMY, NAVY & c & c.  No. 11 Charing Cross, LONDON." 


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