A Rare Etched European (most likely Italian) Cabasset Helmet, circa. 1580

$ 3,950.00


A Rare Antique European (most likely Italian) Etched Cabasset Helmet, circa. 1580.  One-piece almond-shaped skull rising to a short rear-swept stalk, slightly down-curved narrow integral brim drawn-out to a rounded point front and rear.  The base of the crown encircled with round-head iron rivets (some missing).  The entire exterior of the helmet has remnants of decorative panels of etched trophies-of-arms and foliage.  A true survivor !
NOTE: Period etched armor is very desirable in any condition.  Many authentic elements of armor made without etched decoration were etched later during the Victorian period which confuses many collectors including myself over the years.

CONDITION:  The overall condition is poor but screams authenticity.  Many areas of delamination and rust erosion have created small and large holes (some have been repaired during the period of use and others in modern times).