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Large Brass Barrel Flintlock Ship's Swivel Blunderbuss (Espingole)

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A Fine, Rare and Unusual Large Brass Barrel Flintlock Ship's Swivel Blunderbuss (Espingole), circa. 18th century (1740-1770).  This may be French or Dutch.  Massive octagon to round brass blunderbuss barrel w/cannon muzzle (3" at mouth) and engraved on the top flat "? ? Naples" (worn).  Iron 'Monkey-tail' tiller with brass ball pommel.  Original iron swivel. The lock is mounted to the right side of the breech exterior.  The iron has a dark rust age patina.  Measures: 36" overall length. In wonderful untouched condition and in good mechanical working order.  An awesome display piece !!!

Note; the trigger is bent upward.

Ref; BOARDERS AWAY II Firearms of the Age of Fighting Sail. by, William Gilkerson. c.1993, pp. 97-119

Ref; BATTLE WEAPONS of the American Revolution. by, George C. Neumann. c. 1998, pp. 14, 191

Note: We have not seen another example outside of a museum...


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