An Antique European Flintlock Sash / Holster Pistol re-stocked in the Middle East

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A Good Antique European Flintlock Sash / Holster Pistol re-stocked in the Middle East, circa. first quarter of the 18th century.  ITALIAN 13.5", .64 caliber octagon-to-round smooth-bore steel barrel with high center ridge extending to the muzzle with decorative gold "koftgary" overlay and stamped "COMA" on the top of the breech.  The gilt brass DUTCH or ITALIAN flat-faced stepped banana shaped lock has a beveled edge and very high quality decorative engraving depicting a panoply-of-arms.  Engraved iron cock and frizzen.  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  The wood stock is very interesting and has high relief raised decorative carving overall.  The stock is solid with a few stress cracks, scratches and dings from years of handling.  Wood ram rod (broken).  20" overall length.  A nice interesting pistol in good mechanical working order.  

Note:  It is my opinion that the pistol was re-stocked during the period of use in the Middle East utilizing European made parts.  The barrel is ITALIAN and marked "COMA" (circa. early 18th century) with gold koftgari overlay is a big indication as well as the stock.  The stock is well made but not of the quality and finish usually encountered on Dutch or Italian made firearms.  The brass furniture is ITALIAN as well.  The wrist escutcheon is very unusual.  The ram rod may be false because I do not see that the channel extends the full distance of the barrel which would definitely indicate a re-stock.  This form of European flintlock pistol was prized and copied throughout the Middle East region which would include the Turkish/Ottoman Empire, Persian Empire and the Barbary Coast Pirates.