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American Half Stock Flintlock Kentucky / Pennsylvania Long Rifle

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American Half Full Stock Flintlock Kentucky / Pennsylvania Long Rifle, circa. 1815-1825.  34", .36 cal. heavy rifled octagon barrel (unsigned); patent breech.  Brass furniture with nice patch-box (polished bright).  Single trigger.  High quality engraved lock with rain-proof style pan and roller frizzen spring marked 'FOWELR'.  The rifle is in it's original flintlock configuration. Tiger maple half stock with brass reinforcement strap just in front of lock; pewter fore-end cap; loses in front of the lock plate, period repairs around the lock mortise; scratches, dings, minor cracks and heavy wear from years of handling.  Nice dark age patina on steal parts.  In good mechanical working order.  A great looking rifle !

Note; It is my opinion, the lock may have been a period replacement.  It is unusually large for this form of rifle and (this is always a possibility when their is replacement wood around the lock mortise).  Plus the side-plate area is much smaller than the lock side.  The patch-box has had the internal springs fixed over the years.  The ram rod has been replaced.  Brass furniture has been polished bright (will darken over time).

50" overall length.


Consignment- D.R. 2017