A Good Cased Pair of English Flintlock Dueling Pistols by H. RICHARDS, LONDON converted to percussion

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A Good Antique Cased Pair of ENGLISH Flintlock Dueling Pistols by H. RICHARDS, LONDON, circa. 1801-1810, converted to percussion in the 1830's.  9 1/8", .58 cal. octagon smooth-bore steel barrels with the top flat engraved "H. RICHARDS, LATE MORTIMER, LONDON", (2) small oval Proof marks stamped on the underside of the barrels with patent breeches.  Set triggers.  Very fine decoratively engraved barrel tangs with gold bands.  The flat engraved steel locks have high quality sliding safeties, and engraved "H. RICHARDS".  High quality engraved steel furniture includes trigger guards with Pineapple finials.  All steel parts are in the bright with no original finish remaining except for in the protected areas.  Both 3/4 walnut stocks with horn end caps have a later coat of varnish and are solid with sections of grip checkering and, both have light scratches and dings from years of handling.  The stocks are fitted with silver barrel wedge escutcheons.  Both wood ram rods are later replacements.  Both barrels exhibit minimal rust pitting around the percussion nipples.  Both pistols are all original with no replacement parts or restoration as converted to percussion and are in good mechanical working order.  A good pair of dueling pistols !

Each pistol measures: 15.25" overall.

Accessories include: a 3-way powder flask, bullet mold, tow, lead balls, percussion cap tin with caps, turn screw, wood loading/cleaning rod, black powder measure, percussion nipple tool with vent pin, and patches. 

High Quality Period English dovetail box made with early flush fitting lifting handle on the top of the lid and Measures: 19" X 9" X 3" with correct English green baize lining.  It is our opinion that these pistols are not original to the box but a fantastic marriage.  Key for front lock is missing.  Front mounted brass swing hooks.  The corners of the box have brass reinforced corners.

ABOUT THE MAKER:  H. (Henry) RICHARDS.  Gun & Patent Shot Warehouse, 39 Fish St. Hill, 1808-1909; Strand, 1801-1811.  Worked with the MORTIMER gun making family.