A Rare Antique Revolutionary War Period American Assembled Flintlock Musket

$ 6,750.00


A Rare Antique Revolutionary War Period American Assembled Flintlock Musket, circa. 1705-1770's.  This musket was assembled utilizing an assortment of available parts for the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).  The barrel is from a very early Queen Anne - King George I British Infantry musket or 1st model Long Land pattern Brown Bess musket which is a 46", .78 caliber smooth-bore that has remnants of early British PROOFS on the left side of the breech and the number "109" stamped on the top of breech.  Early Queen Anne - King George I flat lock that was a "Dog Lock" (the catch was removed during the period of use); there are remnants of a "SMALL CROWN" over "? R" (British government ownership stamp) just below the pan and remnants of what may have been the royal cipher of Queen Anne engraved just forward of the cock.  The cock may be the original that was altered or replaced during the period of use.  The musket is in its original flintlock configuration.   The brass furniture consists of a trigger guard and butt plate from a British Commercial Long Land musket, circa. 1750's; a very crude side plate similar in form to a British Long Land pattern musket; British Long Land pattern ram rod pipes with the exception of the lower pipe that has had repairs and may be of American manufacture.  Hand forged steel ram rod most likely American made in the 1770's to replace the wood ram rod.  The classic form stock is stable since having many repairs over its working life with scratches and dings from years of service and handling.  The fore-end was replaced just forward of the lower ram rod pipe with a section of curly maple likely in the 1770's and has loses along the top of both the left and right sides.  62" overall length.  In good mechanical working order.  A great looking survivor !!!

NOTE: It is widely known that during the onset of the American Revolution, serviceable weapons were in short supply and in extremely high demand resulting in many guns being assembled out of any available parts.  Most of these early muskets were made standard with 46" barrels and over time reduced in length because of how cumbersome they were and it was proven that the extreme length did not improve accuracy.  It is rare to encounter muskets of this period with the original 46" barrels especially in the original flintlock configuration.