A Restored English Cased Set of Flintlock Officers'/Dueling Pistols Made by Durs Egg, London

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A Restored English Cased Set of Flintlock Officers'/Dueling Pistols Made by Famous Gunmaker Durs Egg, London, circa. 1786-1805.  Both pistols have 9", .60 caliber round steel smoothbore barrels engraved on the top "D Egg - LONDON" and struck on the left side of the breech with (2) oval proof and view marks.  The barrel tangs have high quality decorative engraving.  The locks have decorative engraving with sliding safeties and maker signed "D Egg".  All steel furniture includes decorative engraved butt caps and trigger guards with acorn finials (approx. 50% original blue remains).  Each pistol measures 14.5" overall length.  Both pistols retain wood tompions.  The stocks are solid with light scratches and dings from years of handling and retain 95% of their original varnish.  Both pistols have horn tipped wood ram rods.  A beautiful and very fine condition pair of cased pistols in good mechanical working order.

ACCESSORIES: turn screw, bullet mold, lead balls, pan brush, loading/cleaning rod, double turn screw, shot container, red leather 3-way powder flask, tow, extra flints, patches and some frizzens that are broken.

NOTE:  It was a common practice for captured or surrendered guns to have the cocks or pans or both intentionally broken off rendering them inert before being returned to the owner (if returned at all).  Sometimes this practice was performed among Officers out of respect because most Officers owned their own weapons.


ABOUT THE MAKER:  According to Keith Neal & D.H.L. Back, Durs Egg started business in 1772.  He worked at 24 Prince Street, Leicester Fields (1778-1786) and then from (1786-1805) at the corner of Coventry Street, Haymarket.  He died in 1831.  He was one of about a dozen of the most famous English gunmakers.

RESTORATION NOTES:  It is my opinion that (Both) pistols were converted to percussion in the 1840's or 1850's and then re-converted back to the flintlock configuration most likely in the 20th century.  The work is very well done.

Box Measures: 20" wide X 8.75" deep X 3" high.  The period box is lined with correct green baize.  The trade label reads "EGG, GUN MAKER to his Royal Highnesses the PRINCE of WALES, DUKE of YORK, Corner of Coventry Street, HAY MARKET", circa. 1786-1805.

Ref. pp. 42-43.  BRITISH GUNMAKERS Their Trade Cards, Cases and Equipment 1760-1860, by, Keith Neal & D.H.L. Back. c. 1980.