A Fantastic and Rare English Silver Mounted 4-Barrel Flintlock Volley Pistol

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A Fantastic and Rare Antique English Silver Mounted 4-Barrel Flintlock Volley Pistol, circa. 1730-1760.  5 1/8", .42 caliber brass barrel cluster has decorative engraving and struck with (3) marks on the left side of the breech.  An oval with a small "crown" over "V" (Viewed), a small "crown" over "WW" (barrel maker), and a small "crown" over "P" (PROOFED).  3 1/8" barrel section unscrews from the breech section to load.  All (4) barrels fire at the same time.  Brass-tipped iron ramrod secured to the underside of the barrel cluster.  Convex Queen Anne style brass lock plate.  The pistol remains in its original flintlock configuration.  Classic Georgian sterling silver grotesque butt cap, side plate, and wrist escutcheon.  Brass trigger guard.  The stock is solid with scratches and dings from years of handling.  A rare example seldom encountered in any condition !

NOTE:  The stock exhibits areas of restoration just behind the side plate.  The stock appears to have been cracked through the wrist/grip and mended long ago.  It is possible that the stock was replaced at some point in its working life.  The lock needs mechanical attention.  The frizzen is most likely a later replacement of the period of use.

THE BARREL MAKER MARK:  Unfortunately, the barrel maker mark has yet to be identified.

 Measures: 11.25" overall.