Colonial Printing Block, Old Style Printing Press

$ 1,295.00

Late American Federal Era Printing Woodblock Illustration of an Early Printing Press. c. 1830, Woodblock Illustration Printing Plate, Depicting a Hand-Operated Metal Printing Press, Choice Very Fine.. This original, Hand-Engraved, 4" x 2.5" Wooden Printing Block for the Illustration of a Hand-operated early metal printing press is clean, clear and impressive. From the general style and from comparison to other Woodblocks which came with this one, we believe this block dates to sometime in the 1830s. The hand-engraving is well done and unsigned as usual. This woodblock is in very nice condition in terms of wear, with a 2.5" crack across the top and a small nick in one of the legs of the press. A nice illustration of how everything from Broadsides, Newspapers to Books to Paper Money was printed in these Early American Times. Comes with a modern impression taken off from the woodblock itself. (2 items)..