Clump of Spanish New World Silver PIECES-OF-EIGHT, 4 and 8 Reales Cobs from the 1715 Plate Fleet w/3 Visible DATES, #553 Treasure Artifacts

$ 37,500.00

A fantastic clump of silver 4 and 8 Reales Cobs from the 1715 Plate Fleet. In July of 1715, a hurricane wrecked 10 of the 12 known Spanish treasure Galleons off the east coast of central Florida loaded with millions in gold silver and many other treasures. This clump is from most likely the REGLA ("Cabin Wreck") just south of Sebastian Inlet, and was found in the 1950's by long time adventurer Charles Geitz, founder of the explorers club. Charles described finding a much larger clump originally, in the wash out of the high sand dunes after a storm and he and his friends decided to break it up and he saved this portion because it was the inner core of the conglomerate (which tends to reveal artifacts in a higher state of preservation). He said, the coins on the out side were corroded and not nearly as nice.

The clump is 4.5" X 3" and contains approx.25+ 4 and 8 Reales Cobs w/(3) Cobs displaying partial and full dates of "1714". All of the Cobs in this clump appear to be full weight and beautiful. Very tempting to break up to see what is hidden with-in but would never dream of it. A truly one of a kind artifact from one of the most famous Treasure discovery's to date that has surprisingly survived intact.


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