Civil War, Newspaper Broadsheet Patriotic Songs

$ 395.00

Broadsheet of Union Civil War Era “Patriotic Songs”. c. 1864 Civil War Period, Newspaper Printed Union Broadsheet of “Patriotic Songs,” Extremely Fine.. Two-sided Broadsheet, measuring 16” x 21.5” having a few internal tears with neat archival repair, a small chip missing from lower border, titled, “Patriotic Songs,” this Broadsheet includes:Your Sons and your Money on your Country's Alter! A selection of songs include: It is Great for Our Country to Die, We'll Fight It Out!!, and We Are Coming Father Abraham. On other side, “Seven Thirty Facts and Figures!” with articles answering questions and promoting the purchase of 7-30 government bonds.A patriotic woodcut representing the people's adherence to Liberty, the Constitution and Laws appears below the title. Sample articles: A Year's Havoc Among Investments Other Than Government Bonds, The United States Can Carry a Bigger War Debt Than England, and All is Greenbacks. Issued just prior to the assassination in early April aggressively promoting the sale of bonds to finance the War. An interesting and rare graphic dealing with the Civil War and U.S. financial history that displays very well..