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Chinese/Portuguese Brass Swivel Cannon, #773 Cannons

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A Fine Chinese/Portuguese Brass Swivel Cannon, circa. 18th - early 19th century. 25.5" cannon barrel w/(7) bands and 39.5" including tiller. 6.5" tip to tip of trunnions. 1" bore. On the top of the cannon are a series of Chinese character writing that has been translated and a copy will accompany the sale. A very interesting cannon with great marks !

At Muzzle - HAIKOU, City North of the Island.
Reading from left to right on the section just above the center section of trunions -

1). Position (placement on ship) de feu r=30, position of fire.

2). Division "SKY" # 190

3). Made by, 23 Dynaste/Dinasty.

4). Property of General
Center Section flanked by Trunions -

1). Made by - ZIOU KAM TENG



4). Officer in charge
Last Scetion -

1). Lead Ball + Chinese Once

2). Powder

3). Amount Load Powder Explosive/Chinese Once.

Note: The iron post & yoke and tiller have been custom made for this cannon.