c.1876 Stevengraph Silk of George Washington

$ 1,895.00

c. 1876 Centennial Silk Portrait of George Washington Made For Exhibition At The Philadelphia Centennial Expo. c. 1876 United States Centennial Period, Stevengraph Silk Portrait of George Washington, Extremely Fine.. The Stevengraph Silk textile size is 10” x 8” by sight and in remains in its original frame, measuring to 13.75” x 11.75.” “Carquillat tex.” and “Allardet del.” woven text below the portrait. This historic textile is Listed on page 196 of “Threads of History,” where it is described as a, “woven jacquard portrait of Washington with American eagle holding a shield. Made for exhibition at the Philadelphia Centennial.” Well cared for, this silk is quite vibrant, still retaining its sheen, with some light tone in the upper right quadrant. Ready for presentation on display in its black and ivory decorative frame. Quite scarce and completely original..