c. 1870, Two Early Mining Photographs

$ 395.00

Set of Two Early Mining Photographs. c. 1870, Set of 2 Mining Photographs, Shown “Underground,” Very Fine. . 1. This photograph measures 5.75” x 8” and is on a black card to the overall size of 9.25” x 11”. Down a tunnel in the ground are five men, three standing and two sitting, with the appearance of mining. Two are dressed in ties with formal attire, while the others are wearing the general coat and pants of the time. They are all holding candles with a mining tool in the other. 2. This photograph measures 6” x 8” and is on a black card to overall size of 9.25” x 11”. Three of the same men from the previous picture are seen here again, however, this time they are underground again but in the mining room where the pump is located. All three men are holding candles, with one man holding a large smoking tobacco pipe.(2 items).