c.1860, William David Porter-Steel Printing Plate

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Admiral CHARLES HENRY DAVIS Original Civil War Era Steel Printing Plate Engraved by Dexter Photo Co. Hartford. c. 1860s Civil War era, mid-19th Century Engraved Steel Printing Plate, Protrait Image of Civil War Union Naval Commander Admiral CHARLES HENRY DAVIS was Engraved by J. C. Dexter Photo Co., of Hartford, CT, Fine.. This original, 9.5" tall x 6" wide extremely rare (if not Unique), Engraved Plate remains in good condition with overall moderate wear from use, with some minor rust and trivial surface roughness that is mostly well away from the central engraved image of Admiral Davis. There is no date or place inscription. This steel engraved plate remains in good overall condition with some moderate wear from use, and has some marginal rust outside of and away from the actual image portion. It was apparently used to produce a photographic image of Charles Henry Davis, most probably for a Civil War related book.Charles Henry Davis directed operations of the Coast Survey along the New England coast, established the "American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac" in 1849 and published several hydrographic studies. He is best remembered however, for his brilliant service in the Civil War. In 1861, he was fleet captain in the successful expedition against Port Royal, S.C. In 1862, Davis replaced A. H. Foote in command of the Upper Mississippi flotilla of gunboats. The day after assuming command he repulsed the attack of a Confederate fleet near Fort Pillow. The following month he annihilated the Confederate fleet before Memphis, taking the city the same day. In recognition of his important victories, Davis was promoted to rear admiral in 1863.Here, Davis's engraved portrait appears in his Naval uniform. All in all, this rare plate remains very presentable. It is accompanied by its original housing envelope.. Charles Henry Davis (1807-1877) was a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, serving primarily during the Civil War and with the United States Coast Survey. Davis was born in Boston, Massachusetts and commissioned as a Midshipman on August 12th, 1823. He served for a time in the Pacific on board the frigate