c. 1800 Printing Woodblock - Squirrel on a Branch

$ 995.00

Early Hand-Engraved Wooden Printing Block of a Squirrel. Original “Squirrel” Woodblock Printing Plate & Sample Print, Choice Very Fine.. This original, Hand-Engraved, dark brown, 2.5” x 2” x .5” Woodblock Printing Plate depicting a Squirrel on a Branch, is featured on page 172 of “2000 Early Advertising Cuts,” edited by Hornung (1953; reprint 1995), but the printer and the engraver are unknown. It was, however, undoubtedly used as an illustration in a spelling book or a colonial era primer. It is wonderfully detailed, with individual hairs carved to highlight the body of the bushy-tailed squirrel. It is well-preserved with no damage to the image. Comes with a recent sample print. (2 items)..