British P.O.W. Letter from Gernan Stalag 383

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“Dear Baby. Well Here I am in Tokyo Bay… I didn’t expect the Japs to quit this soon”. U.S. Soldiers Write about the End of the War, Original British Prisoner of War Letter from Gernan Stalag 383, and other WWII Items, Lot of 8, Fine-Very Fine.. 1. August 30, 1945, Autograph Letter Signed, “G. J. Wallis,” aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, to his wife in Los Angeles, 10.5” x 7.75”, two pages, Fine. This fabulous, historical letter is written aboard the ship on which the surrender of Japan would be officially accepted in 1945! In part: “Dear Baby. Well Here I am in Tokyo Bay… We came in here yesterday, after spending two or three days in Sagami Wau, which is a bay leading into Tokyo Bay… I don’t know how much longer we will be here but the final surrender papers, as you know, are to be signed aboard here on my birthday… I have seen all of this I want to see & more too… I could tell you a lot of other stuff that we can see or have seen, but I don’t care any thing about it & I am sure that you wouldn’t so I will say goodnight to the sweetest, prettiest & best wife in the world and I will always love you. Your husband…” Includes original envelope of transmittal, stamped and canceled “U.S. Navy, Aug. 31, 1945.” Letter is toned and fragile, but has museum-quality content!2. August 18, 1945, Autograph Letter Signed, “Duck” [Corporal Badech Bander], on mimeographed 547th N.F.S. “Black Widow” bomber stationery, “Western Pacific”, 10.5” x 7.75”, two pages, addressed to “Miss Millie Nasif” of St. Louis, Very Fine. “Hello Angel: Finally got it set up… that we are doing quite a bit of loafing around, & do I like it. Right now, we are all waiting for official record, stating that the war is really over. Gosh, it sure seems too good to be true, for I didn’t expect the Japs to quit this soon, but I guess, the fact that Russia came into it, decided the issue but good. They are supposed to sign the peace terms tomorrow, so if it actually takes place, perhaps all the “Toads” will be home in about a year’s time…” Accompanied by original transmittal envelope, stamped U.S. Army A.P.O. August 17, 1945 [Le Shima, Ryukyus], and a postcard with a photo of the “Black Widow, P-61,” the night bomber used by the U.S. in WWII to carpetbomb Tokyo.3. December 3, 1943, Autograph Letter Signed, “Stephen Quirk”, British Prisoner of War in Stalag 383, in pencil on small “Deutschland” lettersheet with Third Reich censor markings, approx. 12” x 5.5”, Fine. Very slight loss of text. Sgt. Quirk writes of the shortage of cigarettes in the POW camp—limited to 50 cigarettes a week, and calls them “valuable currency.” There were six POWs living in his hut, and the camp was practicing to perform the Mikado. He also writes about the upcoming Christmas program, written to Mrs. SG. Quirk.4. September 6, 1944, Autograph Letter Signed “Art” [Staff Sgt. A. W. Goede] on colorful printed stationery titled “The Fighting Irish”, with the sinking of the Japanese Battleship Haruna, Italy, 11” x 8.5” letter, Very Fine. Addressed to George Schultze of Philadelphia, PA: “Thanks for more mail. The latest is dated Aug. 24th. I’m always glad to hear from you. The envelope honoring the Coast Guard is a most welcome one…” Includes a First Day Issue Cover, “United We are Strong- 32 United Nations Fight for Freedom”, stamped Sept. 12, 1944. Excellent!5. August 9, 1942, Typed Letter Signed, “Peter J. Kain”, on three typed pages, Johannesburg, South Africa, 10” x 7.75”, Very Fine. Kain writes of the fall of Tobruk, assistance from “our Russian Allies”, the South African Communist Party, inequalities for South Africa’s “Indians”, the screening of U.S. films such as “Citizen Kane,” and more. In part: “Indians here have no civic rights whatever, in common with Chinese, and other people whose skins are dark. Japanese had right of entry to European hotels, while Chinese were barred and still are. Some years ago many Indians were brought to Natal, to work as coolies in the sugar fields but spread to other parts, and took up trading…” Fascinating content! (8 items).