British Military Heavy Dragoon Pattern Type II Flintlock Pistol, JORDAN, 1761

$ 9,800.00

Circa. dated, 1761

A Fine and Rare British Military Heavy Dragoon pattern Type II flintlock pistol by; "JORDAN" and dated "1761". 12", .56 cal. round steel barrel w/(2) Tower proofs, (2) inspector marks on barrel tang and an unidentified barrel makers mark. The lock is marked; "JORDAN", "1761", a "CROWN" over "GR" (King George III) and a "CROWN" over the "BROAD ARROW" (Government ownership). Brass regulation furniture. Stock is marked; w/stores keeper mark just above the tail of lock plate, (2) inspector marks just above the edge of the right side of the trigger guard; a "CROWN" and a "CROWN" over "1", a two digit # at the tail of the side plate and two unidentified initials are carved just in front of the trigger guard finial. The stock is solid w/normal scratches and dings from years of service. 19.5" overall length. In good working order. An excellent example of the most graceful and desirable of the British military patterns and may have seen service at the end of the French and Indian War, 1757-1763 and the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783.


Ref: See; BATTLE WEAPONS of the American Revolution. by, George C. Neumann. c. 1998, pp. 14, 234.