British Military 1st Model Brown Bess Musket, Restocked circa. 1760-1813, TOWER, 1742, NccLESFIELD CASTLE, #573 Firearms

$ 9,500.00

A rare British Military 1st Model Brown Bess Musket, dated "1742". Type used during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. 40.75", .75-77 cal. round steel barrel w/(2) early Tower proofs, an unidentified barrel makers mark; "I ?" and (2) inspector marks on the tang then re-proofed w/(2) Birmingham proofs, c. 1813. Lock is engraved; "TOWER", "1742" a "CROWN" over "GR" (King George II). Brass regulation furniture (trigger guard has a period repair). Stock has a circular bone inlay marked; "M A", "104" (MccLESFIELD ARSENAL #104) and is burn marked on the right comb w/(2) stores keeper marks, a small "CROWN" at the muzzle, and solid w/minor scratches and dings from very little service. Ram rod is Regimental marked; "J 51" and stamped w/ a "CROWN". 56.25" overall length. In good working order.

Note: This musket was originally a standard British pattern 1742 1st model Brown Bess w/a 46" barrel and most likely was damaged and restocked and modified around 1760-1813 reducing the barrel and utilizing the original parts and adding a upgraded 2nd Model Brown Bess style flat side plate (introduced on the Marine /Militia pattern of 1756).

Provenance: From a private collection in Philladephia. Removed and sold from the Earl of MccLESFIELD'S Castle circa 1300's - present, Shirburn Oxfordshire. This musket remained in the castle's armory until financial hardship plagued the MccLesfield family in the 20th century forcing the eviction of the 9th Earl and the sale of it's contents in 2004.

Ref: See; BATTLE WEAPONS of the American Revolution. by, George C. Neumann. c. 1998, pp. 58-62