Bridge and 500 Ash Tray Set, c. 1930

$ 95.00

Bridge and “500” Gambling Ash Tray Set. Vintage, Bridge and “500” Ash Tray Set.. Circa 1930s - probably late Art Deco - boxed set of 4 glass ash trays, 3” x 3”, Very Fine. Fancy, bevel-edged glass ash trays have black, red and white decals on their bottoms, identifying table numbers and card suits. Slight chipping on three ash trays. Comes in original, 6.25” x 6.25” two-color, descriptive box, which has a split corner and frayed edge: “4 Modern Ash Trays indicating Table Numbers.” A practical, Distinctive Accessory to Delight Bridge and ‘500’ players. Numbers the tables and provides the Utility of a Smart Ash Tray, too!” A fabulous, attractive set for both card game enthusiasts and smokers!.