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Antique American French & Indian War Powder Horn, dated 1757

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An Extremely Rare American French & Indian War Period Powder Horn, dated 1757.  15" powder horn is inscribed/etched with; a Crown over crossed flags and a panoply of arms with the French 'fleur-de-lis', the date '1757' over crossed cannons of Louis VIX, 'COUREURS de bois' (was an entrepreneurial French-Canadian woodsman who traveled in New France and the interior of North America trading European goods to the Native Americans for furs starting the fur trade), a depiction of 'Fort William Henry', '35th Regiment of FOOT'.  Below is a depiction of a Native American Indian Male 'La Demoiselle' (a Native American Chief of the Piankeshaw branch of the Miami Indians.  La Demoiselle , ally to the British led his people in 1747 to a spot on the Great Miami River, near present-day town of Piqua, Ohio.  An angle blowing a horn next to a small group of colonial house 'GEORGES ROAD'. A Spider web connects 'Marquis de Montcalm' (French Commander of the siege of Fort William Henry.  King Luis XV sent him to New France to lead its defense against the British in the seven years war).  An exceptional horn with wonderful colonial history.