Anna Dickinson Lectures on Women Rights + Politics

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Anna Dickinson Lectures on “Women’s Rights” & Politics. December 12, 1864-Dated Civil War Period, Autograph Letter Signed by James Livington, mentioning Anna Dickinson, American Lecturer and Advocate for Women’s Rights and the Abolitionist movement against Slavery, Very Fine.. This wonderful, 8” x 5” four page letter is dated December 12, 1864, and is written from Elmira, New York, by Paymaster's Clerk, James L. Livingston to his father, Captain Robert W. Livingston. Apparently not a fan of Women’s Suffrage, he writes, in part:“...Anna Dickinson lectured here last Tuesday, and made a perfect Ass of herself. She lectured on ‘women’s rights’ and in trying to explain why ladies ought to have the same wages as men, she illustrated it by saying that there would not be half so many harlots in our great cities if they could get larger pay in some honorable calling. A good many of her congregation got disgusted and left. But for my part, I thought the subject a much more fitting one for a lady than the one she used last Spring, when she was here, viz, ‘Politics and Abolitionism.’” -- (Signed) “Very affectionately Your Son, Jim” and docketed, “J. L. Livingston Dec. 15/64”This original letter in very nicely written upon lined wove period paper. It is lightly toned at a vertical fold. Written in light brown ink, his excellent penmanship makes for an easy read, recording this young man’s day to day thoughts and experiences during the Civil War era. .