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An Exceptional British Military Queen Anne Military Contract Flintlock Holster Pistol Pattern 1703 by BARBAR, LONDON, #594 Firearms

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An Exceptional British Queen Anne military contract flintlock holster pistol Pattern 1703 by; "BARBAR", circa. 1703-1710. 11", .65-66 cal. round two-stage barrel marked w/(2) Tower private proofs and the barrel maker's mark; a "*" over "L B" (Lewis 1 or Louis 1 Barbar). Lock engraved; "BARBAR". Heavy brass furniture. Stock is beautiful and solid w/normal light age scratches and dings from little service. 18.25" overall length. A very rare early British holster pistol in good working order. Hard to improve upon.

Ref. Lewis 1 or Louis 1 BARBAR - Son of James Barbar who emigrated to France with Lord Byron after English Civil War, born in Essendun, Poitou. After religious persecution, came to London, c.1688. 'In the King's service', c.1690-1697. Premises in Soho searched by Gunmakers Co., 1698. Naturalised, 1700 (HS 18). Free of Gunmakers Co., by redemption, and proof piece ('a very fine piece') passed, 1704. Elected Assistant, 1710; Master, 1718. Apptd. Gentleman Armourer to King George I, 1717; King George II, 1727 (LS 13/199, 201). Gunmaker, Portugal St., 1726-1739; Rupert St., 1739-1741 (Rte). Contractor to Ordnance, 1723-1740. p. 46.

Ref.  p. 78, 79 Small Arms of the British Forces in America 1664-1815., by, e Witt Bailey PHD., c. 2009

Ref: See; GUNMAKERS OF LONDON 1350-1850. by, Howard L. Blackmore. c. 1986, p. 46.