An English Cased PAIR of Flintlock Pistols by BARBAR, LONDON

$ 9,800.00

An English Cased PAIR of Flintlock Pistols with belt hooks, circa. 1750, later cased.  8", .62 cal. round steel barrels with (2) oval private PROOFS and struck with the barrel maker's mark of a '*' above 'IB' (James Barbar); with decorative engraving.  Original steel belt hooks.  Round face steel locks; maker engraved 'BARBAR'.  The pan's have a very unusual flat outer edge to conform to the flat (slab-sided) stocks.  Typical mid-eighteenth century brass furniture of the Georgian period.  13.5" overall length.  Both stocks are solid with light scratches and dings from years of service.  A very unusual pair of Georgian flintlock pistols.

English Box, circa. 19th century with restored/rebuilt interior using correct English green baize.  Older copy of a D. EGG trade label.  Original British vellum tax seal or the reign of King George II-III.  Box Measures; 17.5" X 3" X 11"

Period Accessories include; main spring clamp, spring vise, bullet mold, powder flask, loading mallet, turn-screw, flints with extra leathers, balls, tow, vent brush, and cleaning swabs.

 CONSIGNMENT; G.B. 2017, TTI-4001