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American Colonial US Surcharged Flintlock Militia Musket, #3127 Firearms

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A Rare American flintlock Militia musket w/US surcharge, circa. 1777-1806. 39 1/8", .75 cal. British Military Brown Bess round steel barrel w/(2) Tower proofs, an unidentified barrel makers mark and inspector's mark. Lock is from a British East India Company Musket maker and engraved w/the EAST INDIA COMPANY 'HEART' LOGO over the date '1806', a 'CROWN' over '2' (British East India Company Ordnance Inspector), contractor made by 'THOMSON'. Brass furniture includes; American made trigger guard in the style of a 2nd model British Brown Bess but smaller in scale, (3) ram rod pipes, New England Militia style horizontal oval side plate and an English/American style butt plate commonly found of fowlers of the period. Stock is of American Curly Maple w/a "US" surcharge marks on the upper right side of the butt over a 'V' over '6'; 'ANTBELL'? (very hard to make out), 'V' or 'A' and the number '3' stamped by the side plate; the number '3' stamped near the tail of the trigger guard. The stock has a long grain split/crack at butt; is missing a small chip from the toe of butt; small loses next to and in front of trigger guard from the thin areas of ram rod channel wearing through; a chip is missing from the right side of the upper ram rod pipe area near nose cap; remainder of the stock has some age stress cracks at the butt and is weathered, otherwise, solid, w/normal scratches and dings from years of service. The ram rod is hickory with a formed horn tip (likely replacement). All steel parts are pitted and have a deep brown age patina. A wonderful piece of possible American Revolutionary War - War of 1812 History in good working order.

Note; it is our opinion that the current '1806' dated lock is likely a period replacement and the rest of the musket may be Revolutionary War period.

'US' surcharged muskets; early in 1777 the Continental Congress passed a resolution requiring, and authorizing, the marking of all arms and accouterments owned by the United States, requiring these to be marked "US" or "UNITED STATES" (variations of this have been encountered such as U.STATES). These marks were applied to the top of the breech on barrels, lock plates and stocks. The presence of such markings on weapons of any type of the American Revolution and War of 1812 adds immeasurably to their value and History.

PROVENANCE: Up-State New York Farm House built in 1769.

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Consignment; M.H., 2014