A Very Good Malay Dagger (KRIS) w/ Gold of Java/Javanese/Indonesia/Bali, #2649 Edged Weapons

$ 2,275.00

A Very Good Antique Malay Dagger "KRIS" encrusted w/ Gold of Java/Javanese/Indonesia/Bali, circa. late 19th - 20th century. 14.5" blade laminated in three layers of Meteoric Iron called "PAMIR", double-edged hilt is in the form of a Dragon and Lion ? encrusted in Gold. MENDAK or UWAR is of silver. 20" overall. Scabbard covered in tooled silver sheet. Carved wood grip.

Please Note; This item is on exhibit 'for sale' at a Gallery called "GUY STUFF'. Please check on the availability before purchasing.

Consignment; GS, 2014