A Great Cased PAIR of English Flintlock Pistols with Brass Barrels and Locks by, CLARK & RODGERS, LONDON, #3282 Firearms

$ 9,500.00

A Great Cased (PAIR) of English Flintlock Pistols with Brass Barrels and Locks made by; CLARK & RODGERS, LONDON, circa. 1790-1810. Each pistol with 9" .577 (regulation) caliber multi-stage octagon-to-round brass smooth-bore barrels; engraved 'LONDON' and struck with (2) private PROOFS a 'CROWN' over 'V' (VIEWED) and a 'CROWN' over 'GP' (GUN MAKERS PROOF) each within an oval. Brass lock plates maker marked 'CLARK & RODGERS' with high quality roller frizzen springs. Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration. Brass furniture; trigger guards with pineapple finials. Both stocks are solid with light scratches and dings from years of handling; flat sided plain grips that swell at bottom. One pistol has a hair line crack trough the grip and was mended long ago. The other pistol is missing a small sliver of wood from the left and a longer sliver from the right upper section of fore-end. Both pistols retain their original horn tipped ram rods with worms intact. Both pistols are in good mechanical working order. Each pistol is approx 15" overall length. A very attractive set with great personality ! Type purchased as dueling pistols or preferred by a Naval Officer because unlike steel, brass does not corrode or rust.

Note; pistols date to 1780's - 1790's.

Wonderful Brass Furniture Box with round lifting handle dates from the 1790's and was lined and labeled in the 1840's. Measures approx. 20" X 8.75" X 2.75"