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A Fine Indian KATAR with original scabbard, #3272 Edged Weapons

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A Fine Antique Indian KATAR (armor piercing thrusting dagger) retained in the original leather covered wood scabbard, circa. late 17th - 18th century. 9" double edge blade with flared armor piercing tip. The broad multi-channel fuller showing central rib; base of blade with remnants of thick decorative GOLD 'Koftgari' overlay. Double grip between hilt of heavy bars entirely encrusted with heavy decorative GOLD 'Koftgary'
overlay. 18" overall. The original leather covered wood scabbard with wonderful original green enamel Silver and Gold buckle set with Rubies.

NOTE; Unfortunately, this piece was poorly stored and suffered rust damage, loses to Koftgari as well as water damage resulting in loses to the scabbard.