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A Cased Set of Belgian Percussion Box-Lock Pocket Pistols, #780 Firearms

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A cased set of Belgian percussion box-lock pocket pistols, circa. 1850's - through Civil War period. 2.5", .45 cal. damascus steel octagon turn-off barrels marked w/a small "CROWN" over "D". The steel frames have a Liege proof on the left panel and are finely deep- relief engraved on all four sides including the drop trigger (trigger drops down when the percussion hammer is pulled back). Stocks are sound and very well made w/scalloping at the frame junctions and fluting down the length of the grip w/normal scratches and dings from years of handling. The German silver butt caps have concealed percussion cap reservoirs and conform to the flutted pattern of the grips. 7" overall length. In good working order.

Note: The interior of the Period Case has been professionally restored with the correct green baize.

The Accessories include; Cap Tin, Key, Bullet Mold, Cleaning Patches, Balls, and a COPY SYKES Powder Flask.

Case measures: 9.5" wide X 6.5" deep X 2.5" high.