1887 Political Broadside: Whiskey Threatens Sabbath

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1887 Political Broadside - The Sanctity of the American Sabbath Threatened with Free Whiskey !. Nov. 1, 1887-Dated, Political Broadside, headed: "Headquarters Republican County Committee," at Indiana, Pennsylvania, Extremely Fine.. This original, fiery content Political Broadside measures 9-5/8" x 12.75" and is dated at Indiana, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 1, 1887, just one week before election day. From "Headquarters Republican County Committee, it attacks the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania for their alliance with the proponents of "Free Whiskey" (the right to sell whiskey on the Sabbath), and with even worse accusations of moral degradation! It reads, in part:"The unholy alliance of the Democratic party of Pennsylvania with Free Whiskey and Unrestrained License.... The Sanctity of the American Sabbath Threatened. Personal Liberty Leagues, God-Defiers, Bible-Scoffers, Sabbath Desecrators, Doggery-Keepers and Brothel-Defenders have combined with the Democratic Party to defeat the State Ticket...” and much more.. This Broadside continues: “What have the good people of Indiana county to say in defense of the American Sabbath?... This is a time for prompt action. The Sabbath is the institution of Christianity; Christianity is part of the laws of our country; then, in the parting words of Joshua, we repeat, 'Ch