1879, Albumen Stereoview Photograph - Eastman

$ 195.00

1879 “Eastman Business College” Stereoview. 1879, Albumen Stereoview Photograph, "Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - Taken January 10th, 1879.", Choice Extremely Fine.. This is an original an Advertising & Promotional piece for the school which has printed on its verso an extended text about the school itself. The rest of the bold text reads, “...Interior View of Practical, Banking and Office Departments, and Partial View of Preparatory Department in Foreground. - By Vail, 254 Main Street...” A truly wonderful, vivid and very rare photographic promotional item related to the “Eastman Business College” currency.An advertising/promotional piece - at verso is extended text on the school: "EASTMAN BUSINESS COLLEGE, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Interior View of Practical, Banking and Office Departments, and Parial View of Preparatory Department in Foreground. Depth of Building, 160 feet. Width, 50 feet. "A Short Sermon to the Students of Eastman College. You are the architects of your own fortune; rely upon your own strength of body and soul, and remember that good health and a clear conscience are always essential to great and successful effort. Start by learning a few useful studies well, centering your attention on those relating directly to the business or profession you are to follow. Learn much of men and things, and accept practical talent as the philosopher's stone. Select some specialty to your life's work, and then adhere to Paul's precept: 'This one thing I do.' Earnest effort in one direction, and stick-to-it-iveness, will be your surest road to wealth and high position. Let your star be Industry, Economy and Honesty, and inscribe on your banner, 'Luck is a Fool, Pluck is a Hero.' Don't take much advice. Keep at the helm and steer your own ship in your own way, - keep your own counsels, - be the supreme head of your own business, and command your privates as a general commands his army. Don't practice too much humility - think well of yourself - strike out, - assume your position. Don't complain of the world, take it always as you find it. Don't fret, despair, or waste time in regrets over losses or rough usage; it is the jostlings and joltings of life that bring great men to the surface, - drive a cart of potatoes over a rough road, and the small ones will go to the bottom. Rise above the envious and jealous. - Fire above the mark you intend to hit. Inscribe on your shield this truth: - That, the great difference between men, - between the feeble and the powerful, - the great and the insignificant, - is energy, invincible determination, a purpose once fixed, and then - Victory or death! Don't drink. Don't chew. Don't smoke. Don't swear. Don't deceive. Don't gamble with cards, stocks or pools. Don't invest in lotteries, and avoid Law as you would a pestilence. Don't read novels. Don't part your hare or name in the middle, or affect foreign habits or airs. Be an American if you were born one. Be in earnest. Be self-reliant. Be generous. There are two sides to every balance, and favors throws in one side are sure to be reciprocated in the other. Be civil. Be a gentleman. It is a foolish man who does not understand that molasses will catch more flies than vinegar. Read the papers, they are the great practical educators of the people. Advertise your business. Judicious advertising is one of the strongest levers to success. Seize opportunities by the forelock. Make money and do good with it. Love God and your fellowman. Love truth and virtue. Speak wel of your State, your Town and your Home. Love your Country, and obey the laws. - EASTMAN.” - “EASTMAN COLLEGE is the ONLY SCHOOL in the world that offers a PRACTICAL instead of Theoretical course of study. The students act as buyers, traders, bookkeepers, accountants and bankers, in actual business operations. The bank bills, fractional currency and merchandise, are actually used, and have a real value. Each day's business is based upon quotations in the New York markets, and every transaction is just as legitimate and bona-fide as in any MERCANTILE BANKING or BUSINESS HOUSE. It has been established nearly a fifth of a century, during which time it has educated and started on the road to success over twenty-three thousand young men. It is the only institution giving young and middle aged men a thorough and practical knowledge of business, preparing them by a new and original method, in the shortest time and at the least expense, for a successful start in life.".