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“THE MOWRY SILVER MINING COMPANY” BOND “Few men did more for Arizona during its early history than Sylvester Mowry”. (Arizona) SYLVESTER MOWRY (1830-1871). Controversial Soldier, Miner, Western America “Booster,” and Entrepreneur who Seduced Brigham Young’s Daughter-In-Law, 1850s Silver Miner, Womanizer & early Arizona Statehood Advocate.. November 2, 1864-Dated, EXTAORDINARY HISTORIC ARIZONA RARITY, ornately engraved Partially-Printed Document Signed, “Sylvester Mowry” as President of “THE MOWRY SILVER MINING COMPANY,“ measuring 17.25” x 13.75” (430mm x 350mm), 1 page, San Francisco, Crisp Fresh Near Mint. This being a $1,000 Mortgage Bond “No. 277“ containing eight original, Signed and fully Attached Coupons at the bottom of the page (two of the coupons detached). Vitually Mint, it is bright and fresh in quality with just two coupons clipped and folded from mailing. This is the Only Example of this Bond we have ever encountered.This rather spectacular item of ARIZONA and the colorful life of Sylvester Mowry. He being the controversial soldier, miner, entrepreneur, Arizona booster, and alleged “con artist.” This superb $1,000 Mortgage Bond was issued to William Tell Coleman (1824-1893), a prominent and early resident of San Francisco where he became a successful shipping merchant, running a Steamship Line to New York. Unfortunately for Coleman, the Bond was worthless. The Mowry Mine in Southern Arizona had been only intermittently productive. From 1861 onwards, the Mine mostly ceased to function due to Mowry’s arrest by Union authorities for treason, after letters requesting protection for his mine from Confederate authorities.Always the fast operator, Mowry sold bonds in his mining operations to unsuspecting investors (who had no understanding of the actual state of the mine) enabling Mowry to lead a lavish lifestyle in San Francisco, New York and Arizona. It is unknown how many of these Mortgage Bonds he actually issued, but it would stand to reason that most of them were thrown out and/or destroyed in disgust following Mowry’s death in 1871.A truly superb ultra-rarity from one of Arizona’s most controversial early figures. This is a historically significant Mortgage Bond of Lt. Sylvester Mowry is a museum-quality treasure! Collectors interested in the Southwest, or the history of Arizona and/or Mormon History should not pass up this unique opportunity to bid on this important lot. According to the Arizona Republic, “Few men did more for Arizona during its early history than Sylvester Mowry (1833-1871)… soldier and pioneer mining man…” An extensive explanation of this bond, its history and the personal story of Lt. Sylvester Mowry is found on our auction website at: www.EarlyAmerican.com.. The Rhode Island-born Mowry graduated West Point in 1852 and came West under Colonel Edward Steptoe’s expedition to explore routes for a Pacific Railroad. They arrived in Salt Lake City in 1854 to investigate the Gunnison Massacre, in which a 10-party expedition was slaughtered by a band of Pahvant