1854 Letter Regarding Counterfeit $3 Obsolete Note

$ 295.00

1854 Letter Regarding Counterfeit $3 Obsolete Note. May 29, 1854-Dated, Autograph Letter Signed by Reverend "J R Arnold", at Waterbury (CT), 1 page, 8.5" x 7.25", to G. H. Talcott Esq., Regarding a Counterfeit Obsolete Currency Note, Very Fine. . This original letter is well written in brown ink on light blue lined folded period paper. The sender has enclosed a Three Dollar note which he has discovered to be Counterfeit by comparison against his “Bank Note Detector” and wants an authentic note returned to him in exchange (note not included). It reads, in part:"The enclosed three dollar note is pronounced here a mere imitation of the true. I had with me no bank bills but those I took of you, and I observed this among them when I examined them on Saturday. And on lookin(g) at the Bank Note Detector, I have not doubt of the correctness of the decision here... Please enclose to me a true bill.".